Nov 25, 2015

Carlton is Thankful!

Oct 31, 2015

Everybody Loves a Parade!

From superheroes to supervillians and every costume in between, Carlton kids and staff brought their A game to our annual Halloween parade and dance party. Take a look at the full gallery HERE.

Oct 25, 2015

It's the Great Pumpkin Fest, Charlie Brown!

Good times had by all families at our annual Pumpkin Fest! This year's event featured a variety of crafts, a view of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," and trick-or-treating. Thanks to this year's organizer, parent Leah Penley; our DJ, art teacher Mrs. Altman; our post-event cleanup staff, Mr. Newman (who your kids know as Mr. Jim); and all our parent and teacher volunteers for making the event a success. If you have Pumpkin Fest photos, we'd love to add them to our gallery. Email to

Click here to see the full Pumpkin Fest gallery.

Oct 24, 2015

E2 Students Choose Grammy Favorites

Working with music teacher Ilene Altman, our E2 students voted on their favorites among this year's Grammy entries. The students' majority votes will become Mrs. Altman's official votes for her first-round Grammy ballot. Then in December, the Grammys will announce the final nominees in each category and all the students at Carlton will vote for their winners!

Click here for the full photo gallery.

Oct 23, 2015

Carlton Builds at Collins Cove

Our P1, P2 and E1 students walked to Collins Cove on Wednesday. Working in teams, they built sandcastles with moats, then measured and compared to find out which team's sandcastle had the deepest moat, highest tower, longest wall, etc.

Click here for the full gallery.

Oct 21, 2015

E2 Visits Winter Island's Waikiki Beach

Our E2 students took a short bus ride to Salem's Waikiki Beach on Winter Island Monday. The group explored the rocky and sandy shores looking for evidence of animal life, to determine animal adaptations as well as inherited vs. acquired traits.

Students also learned about food webs that exist within the ocean and how energy is passed from one organism to another, starting with energy from the sun. They learned about species that are diminishing, as well as invasive species such as the Asian Shore Crab, and how people are trying to balance out the population. Some chefs are even putting Asian Shore Crab on their menus!

This field trip connects to Carlton's year-long Ocean theme as well as E2's science unit on life cycles and adaptations. Other recent in-school work on life cycles and adaptations seen in the photos at the end of the gallery.


Oct 3, 2015

Haunted Happenings Parade 2015

What a huge turnout Carlton had for the Haunted Happenings Parade! It may have been our largest group yet!  A special thank you to Mrs. Bouffard for all of her hard work in putting together another amazing display. And thank you to the Carlton PTO for supporting Mrs. B. in her efforts. 

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Sep 26, 2015

Shoes for the Staff

Born Shoes and teamed up to recocnize Carlton teachers' hard work on behalf of Carlton's students. On Friday, September 25, the two shoe companies awarded every member of our stuff - including - brand-new footwear!

The two companies issued a call for submissions in May, asking for examples of teachers going above and beyond for their school communities. Art teacher Kate Bouffard entered Carlton, writing about how the entire staff worked together to create the current Innovation Plan and implement it. 

""Børn and PlanetShoes' award is wonderful because it recognizes the value of teamwork and how every staff member is critical to the students' success," she wrote. "We are effective because of how we work as a team."

Click to read the Salem News' story about the award. 

Click here to see the full photo gallery.

Photo credit: C.J. Karch

Sep 24, 2015

It Isn't Easy Being Green

The E2 students are studying plant structures and their importance in the life cycle of a plant. For the full photo gallery, click here.

Sep 16, 2015


Friday, September 18th


9:00 – Grades 3, 4-5 (E-1 and E-2)

10:00 – Grades K, 1, 2, (P-1, P-2)


The PTO will stamp cards as the children complete a lap. 1 stamp equals 1 lap. Pledge sheets were sent home last week please contact your student’s teacher if you did not receive a pledge sheet.


*****Water is available for all walkers*****


Stamped cards will be sent home with your students Friday and we ask that you send your pledges back ASAP.




Any Questions or want to volunteer? Email or


Sep 15, 2015

Free lunch for Carlton students

This year, all Carlton students not only receive a free breakfast in the classroom but free lunch as well. A la carte items are still charged for. You can continue to track or make payments to your child's cafeteria account at

Sep 3, 2015

No School Friday, Back to School Night and More in the Newsletter!

The first Thursday newsletter of the school year is up! Click here for all the news, and be sure to look in your child's Green Folder every night — that's how we get information home to you.

Jul 2, 2015

Summer Reading

No better way to relax than by reading a good book. No better way to keep your child's mind sharp over the summer, either! 

Suggested summer reading lists for Grades K-5 can be found here:

Take cues from your child and follow their interests when choosing books to read this summer. Reading should be FUN! 

As an incentive for your child to read this summer, we have created July and August calendars to track his/her reading. Simply put a star on each of the days your child reads. Children who return completed logs in September will participate in a popsicle party with Mrs. Erps!



Para ayudar con esto, el distrito ha compilado una lista de lectura de verano para los grados K-5.

Es un gran recurso para lectura de verano. Por supuesto, tomen señales de su hijo y siga sus intereses al momento de elegir libros para leer este verano. ¡La lectura debe ser divertido! 

Como un incentivo para que su hijo lea este verano, hemos incluido un calendario para realizar un seguimiento de su lectura. En pocas palabras una estrella en cada uno de los días que su hijo lee. Traiga el calendario para el profesor en el otoño y tendremos una sorpresa para ti! 



Jun 22, 2015

P1 Visits Smolak Farm

Our P1 students made a second trip to a farm this year to learn more about how farms work. They learned about bees, did seed plantings and "rode" on a really colorful tractor.  Check out more photos under galleries.

Jun 15, 2015

Carlton Kids Compete in Kickball Tournament

All of Carlton's children, grades P1-E2, participated in a kickball tournament last week. See the photo gallery for more photos!

Carlton Kids Compete in Kickball Tournament

All of Carlton's children, grades P1-E2, participated in a kickball tournament last week. See the photo gallery for more photos - click here!