Jun 19, 2014

Carlton School is AWESOME!

Music teacher Ilene Altman created this AWESOME video, starring the kids of Carlton Innovation School 2013-2014. Below, students responded to the question, "Why is Carlton School awesome?"

Carlton School is awesome

Carlton School is cool ‘cause we’re part of a team

Carlton School is awesome

Helping us live our dreams


“Carlton School is awesome because we have community.”

~ Scotia 

“Carlton School is awesome because everybody is kind to us.”

~ Mae 

“Carlton School is awesome because my teacher is nice to me and we’re best friends.”

~ Myah 

“Carlton School is awesome because the teachers are nice to us.”

~ Lucas 

“Carlton School is awesome because I love my friends.”

~ Samantha 

“Carlton School is awesome because I love Carlton School.”

~ Katie 

“Carlton School is awesome because we try hard and learn a lot.”

~ Joshua 


“Carlton School is awesome because everyone helps our school to be a community. Everyone needs to learn so they are smart at math.”

~ Fernando

“Carlton School is awesome when you learn every day and you work hard.”

~ Daria 

“Carlton School is awesome because of my friends and my teachers. I love this school. Carlton is the best! We rock!!!!!”

~ Suzahna

“Carlton School is awesome because my best friend is here. Also because I love gym because I am very athletic! I also love music because it is so fun! I also love lunch because their food is delicious!”

~ Aidan  

“Carlton School is awesome because the teachers are awesome!!!!!!!”

~ Kaelyn 

“Carlton School is awesome because all the kids are nice.”

~ Lorena 

“Carlton School is awesome because we are learning every day. We have teachers to help us in Math, Science, Art, Music, Gym, Reading, and more. We’re also having lots of fun and we’re learning a real lot!”

~ Annalise 

“Carlton School is awesome because everybody tries hard and learns a lot. They are very good and focused on their work and we can prove that we are good learners and very good workers too. Thank you for our teachers. That’s how it is awesome.”

~ Arianna 

“This school is so awesome because the teachers are fun. I love this school and I always will. When I’m 100, I hope this school will be here because they help us and they’re so kind too.”

~ Jasmin 

“Carlton School is awesome because everybody takes care of each other and we are all friends. The teachers are great.”

~ Jacob 

“Carlton School is awesome because every day the teachers are nice to us.”

~ Grace Ann

“Carlton School is awesome because we’re a community, more like a family. I wish it had a pool!”

~ Jaser 


“Carlton School is awesome because we have awesome teachers. We have really good friends. Everyone cares for each other.”

~ Anmoldeep 

“Carlton School is awesome because everybody is different in their own special way and that is what puts in curiosity, community, and effort. The teachers here are awesome because they help us learn. Carlton is awesome because there are sooooo many FUN FUN FUN things to do here. Friends, family, teachers are awesome.”

~ Anna

“Carlton School is awesome because it’s like we have a family, and we care and also have community. People are there for us. I would never leave this school. I love it.”

~ Imagin 

“Carlton School is awesome because you can learn new things like cool things about your life and be with your friends.”

~ Joe 

“Carlton School is awesome because kids are nice and we learn a lot here. Carlton is awesome because kids do not fight, they help each other out.”

~ Alex 

“Carlton School is awesome because we are a community. Carlton School is awesome when we work as a team. Carlton School is awesome because we’re special and unique. Carlton School is awesome because we are green. Carlton School is awesome because we stand tall and proud.”

~ Kiara 


“Carlton School is awesome because I love my friends and teachers. They are nice. Carlton is awesome because we love math and we love each other. I love Carlton School where we live our dreams.”

~ Miguelina 

“Carlton School is awesome because of these dedicated educators and hard working students. Carlton School has made a major impact in my life. I hope Carlton Innovation School will continue its magic! I will miss the school and all my friends.”

~ Amber 

“Carlton School is awesome because everybody is awesome and happy. Also everybody has friends and they’re all good buddies. Plus I love being part of the community.”

~ William 

“Carlton School is awesome because I love to spend time with my friends. Also I love the math they teach us and the teachers in this school. The people that I really like are Mrs. Kahn and Mrs. Von Burn. I respect this school and I will miss all of you even the kindergarteners when I go to middle school.”

~ Paige 

“Carlton School is awesome because we do stuff fun and always stick together. We have friends and the teachers are amazing. The specialists are always planning something fun. Every week they have something different. The principal and teachers always try their best to keep us ready and keep moving on because they already know we can do it. Carlton School is awesome. It will always stay like that. We are so awesome that we all persevere and have our dreams. We have new dreams every day. When I come to school I look forward to seeing my teachers and being with them and going through fun stuff every day. They make sure we have protein and energy and that we are always ready to learn. The students are amazing also. We always work together. There are so many fun things about this school. If I could I’d never leave.”

~ Brooke

“Carlton School is awesome because when you get stuck on a problem if it’s math, reading or any other thing, your friends or teachers can help you unless it is a test.”

~ Trevor 

 “Carlton School is awesome because we get to make new friends, we get to learn, and because we can have lots of fun. Carlton School shows lots of effort every single day. We should really thank the teachers for teaching us new stuff every day. When you’re not doing your work just remember that Carlton School is counting on you everyone and everything about Carlton is awesome!!!!”

~ Anonymous

“Carlton School is awesome because all my friends are awesome and all the teachers here are awesome too. They teach and care about us and that’s all we really need. Carlton is awesome and I’m glad I get to come here every five days out of the week to learn.”

~ Stephanie 

“Carlton School is awesome because everybody’s awesome. Teachers love to teach us to be smart. Mr. Dave is awesome because he keeps our school clean.”

~ Jesiah 

 “Carlton School is awesome because everybody tries their best and they care for each other. That’s why people love this school.”

~ Benjamin 

“Carlton School is awesome because the teachers help you to have a good education and make good decisions.”

~ Anonymous

“Carlton School is awesome because we learn, listen, and try hard all the time. Our teachers help us if we’re stuck. Carlton School is awesome because we’re like a family and all care about each other. Most important, all teachers are awesome. Carlton School is awesome because you have friends that care about you and awesome teachers that think you’re awesome and smart.”

~ Taygen 

“Carlton School is awesome because we stick together as a team always. Also Carlton School is awesome because all the teachers help us learn and live our dream. Carlton School is awesome because we show effort, curiosity, and community.”

~ Sheyla 

“Carlton School is awesome because you have friends that care about you and awesome teachers that can help you live your dream. In this school everything is awesome because you can learn and laugh and play, and most of all you have everyone supporting you! People are awesome because the hallways are bright and everyone’s heart is big and awesome!”

~ Princesa 


Jun 5, 2014

Art News

Landscape Painter Robert Baart Visits E2

Robert Baart's "Birches," acrylic on canvas panel

New England landscape painter Robert Baart visited Carlton's E2 (4th and 5th grade) students last week. The artist, who served on the painting faculty of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, is currently a member of Fenway Studios.

Baart brought a variety of art materials for our students to examine and try. In addition to creating a silverpoint drawing, they traced and drew shells. Thank you to Robert Baart for donating his time and supplies to our students, and thank you to Carlton parents J and Kendra LeFleur for arranging his visit.

Carlton Students Win Art Contests

Left to Right: Megan Rose, Amber Grant, Kiara Evelth

By Kate Bouffard, Art Teacher

We have so many talented artists here at the Carlton School, and it's wonderful when these talents are recognized by other members of the community. During a recent assembly the following students were recognized for their spectacular artwork:
Megan Rose from Ms. Rodgers' class will have her artwork featured in the Casella Recycling Company's 2015 promotional calendar. She was one of over 300 students in Massachussets who submitted entries of artwork depicting ways to help the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Her work will be used to illustrate one of the calendar months. Congratulations Megan!
Each year Carlton students in grades 3-5 are invited to participate in the Salem Jazz and Soul Fest art contest, and we have been fortunate enough to have had several winners from our school in past years. This year one of our own has again taken top spot. Amber Grant in Ms. Eveleth's class has won first place in this citywide contest for her entry. In addition, Kiara Eveleth and Megan Rose in Ms. Rodgers' class were given honorable mentions for thier entries. Congratulations to all!

May 13, 2014

Mrs. Altman Wins Drumming Grant for Carlton

Carlton music teacher Ilene Altman applied for, and received, a grant from the Salem Education Foundation (SEF) to bring the World Music Drumming Project to Carlton School. The program, along with other grant recipients, was featured in the most recently issue of "Education Now," the SEF's newspaper. Click HERE to read.

The purpose of the World Music Drumming Project is to provide students with an active, hands-on experience to learn about and appreciate other cultures through their drumming traditions while developing rhythmic and improvisatory skills. Via collaboration and team-building activities, students gain confidence, self-esteem, and respect for themselves and others. Students blossom in their self-expression, but also understand their vital role as part of a larger community where teamwork is necessary for success. Diversity is celebrated and honored. Instruction and activities are tailored to fit students of varying grade levels and abilities.

Our students love the program. Here's what they have to say:

"We're very grateful to get these new instruments because it makes us feel important and special. We're learning how to play different percussion instruments and music from different cultures."  - Zoey Porter

"Playing the drums with my classmates helps us learn how to work together in a big group and support each other."  - Haley Maragioglio

"When I play the new drums, I feel empowered by the music."  - Luz Del Alba Disla
"Now we can drum in style!"  - Stephanie Santos-Aguiar

"Thank you to the Salem Education Foundation for the grant. We will respect and take care of the beautiful new drums. Playing these drums makes me happy because I can create my own beats!"  - Joel Gonzalez Velez
"When we play the drums together as a class, it helps us build a sense of community."  - Deven Riley-Jalbert
"We're becoming better learners of different types of music."  - Mickaylah Eliuk

May 6, 2014

We love our teachers!

We're biased, but we truly believe Carlton's teachers are the best in the world ... and beyond. Thank you for all that you do for our children and our community.