Oct 3, 2015

Haunted Happenings Parade 2015

What a huge turnout Carlton had for the Haunted Happenings Parade! It may have been our largest group yet!  A special thank you to Mrs. Bouffard for all of her hard work in putting together another amazing display. And thank you to the Carlton PTO for supporting Mrs. B. in her efforts. 

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Sep 26, 2015

Shoes for the Staff

Born Shoes and PlanetShoes.com teamed up to recocnize Carlton teachers' hard work on behalf of Carlton's students. On Friday, September 25, the two shoe companies awarded every member of our stuff - including - brand-new footwear!

The two companies issued a call for submissions in May, asking for examples of teachers going above and beyond for their school communities. Art teacher Kate Bouffard entered Carlton, writing about how the entire staff worked together to create the current Innovation Plan and implement it. 

""Børn and PlanetShoes' award is wonderful because it recognizes the value of teamwork and how every staff member is critical to the students' success," she wrote. "We are effective because of how we work as a team."

Click to read the Salem News' story about the award. 

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Photo credit: C.J. Karch

Sep 24, 2015

It Isn't Easy Being Green

The E2 students are studying plant structures and their importance in the life cycle of a plant. For the full photo gallery, click here.

Sep 16, 2015


Friday, September 18th


9:00 – Grades 3, 4-5 (E-1 and E-2)

10:00 – Grades K, 1, 2, (P-1, P-2)


The PTO will stamp cards as the children complete a lap. 1 stamp equals 1 lap. Pledge sheets were sent home last week please contact your student’s teacher if you did not receive a pledge sheet.


*****Water is available for all walkers*****


Stamped cards will be sent home with your students Friday and we ask that you send your pledges back ASAP.




Any Questions or want to volunteer? Email volunteer@carltonschool.org or patriciamercier@salemk12.org


Sep 15, 2015

Free lunch for Carlton students

This year, all Carlton students not only receive a free breakfast in the classroom but free lunch as well. A la carte items are still charged for. You can continue to track or make payments to your child's cafeteria account at https://www.myschoolbucks.com/ver2/login/getmain?requestAction=home

Sep 3, 2015

No School Friday, Back to School Night and More in the Newsletter!

The first Thursday newsletter of the school year is up! Click here for all the news, and be sure to look in your child's Green Folder every night — that's how we get information home to you.

Jul 2, 2015

Summer Reading

No better way to relax than by reading a good book. No better way to keep your child's mind sharp over the summer, either! 

Suggested summer reading lists for Grades K-5 can be found here:


Take cues from your child and follow their interests when choosing books to read this summer. Reading should be FUN! 

As an incentive for your child to read this summer, we have created July and August calendars to track his/her reading. Simply put a star on each of the days your child reads. Children who return completed logs in September will participate in a popsicle party with Mrs. Erps!



Para ayudar con esto, el distrito ha compilado una lista de lectura de verano para los grados K-5. 


Es un gran recurso para lectura de verano. Por supuesto, tomen señales de su hijo y siga sus intereses al momento de elegir libros para leer este verano. ¡La lectura debe ser divertido! 

Como un incentivo para que su hijo lea este verano, hemos incluido un calendario para realizar un seguimiento de su lectura. En pocas palabras una estrella en cada uno de los días que su hijo lee. Traiga el calendario para el profesor en el otoño y tendremos una sorpresa para ti! 



Jun 22, 2015

P1 Visits Smolak Farm

Our P1 students made a second trip to a farm this year to learn more about how farms work. They learned about bees, did seed plantings and "rode" on a really colorful tractor.  Check out more photos under galleries.

Jun 15, 2015

Carlton Kids Compete in Kickball Tournament

All of Carlton's children, grades P1-E2, participated in a kickball tournament last week. See the photo gallery for more photos!

Carlton Kids Compete in Kickball Tournament

All of Carlton's children, grades P1-E2, participated in a kickball tournament last week. See the photo gallery for more photos - click here!

Jun 8, 2015

Fourth Grade Certified in Pedestrian Safety

Fourth Grade Certified in Pedestrian Safety

Melissa Wilson, Carlton parent and Safe Routes to School coordinator for the City of Salem, came to Carlton Thursday to certify our fourth graders in pedestrian safety. Topics covered included safe ways to cross streets when walking with younger children and in groups as well as sidewalk, parking lot and intersection safety. 

May 4, 2015

Earth Day Festival 2015

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week's Earth Day Festival and to all those who made it possible. It was a blast! Check out our Earth Day Festival 2015 gallery

Apr 27, 2015

Our Students are SO Carlton

Our Students are SO Carlton

Did your child come home talking about trivia last Friday? If not, ask them about it - each team made up their own alliterative name, based on their leader's last name. 
Our students did a great job and showed that they know a lot about the Carlton School and the culture we have built together. Here are the questions: 
  • What day of the week does the cafeteria serve pizza? [Friday]
  • What two shapes does the pizza come in? [Triangle and circle]
  • How many times does Mrs. Kahn say "good morning" on the morning announcements? [3]
  • What do we call Wednesdays at the Carlton School? [Wacky Wednesdays or World Block Wednesdays]
  • When typing on the iPad, how do you "undo" something? [Shake it]
  • Complete this song lyric...
  • "Carlton School is awesome,
  • Carlton School is ..."  {cool, Because we are part of the team."
  • What is Mrs. Cagney's favorite song? [Grand Ole Flag]
  • Where do you go if you need to borrow shoes for gym? [Mrs. Erps or Mrs. Schiff]
  • Name a book Mrs. Kahn has read to us during an assembly this year. [The Big Orange Splot, Blackout, Fox, The Mitten Tree, What do you do with an Idea?]
  • What are the names of the four Carlton grade level teams in order? [P1, P2, E1, E2]
  • What class won the snowball slam for reading the most? [Mrs. Eveleth's]
  • What does Mrs. Kahn say is our job everyday? [Try hard and learn a lot]
  • What are the names of the Carlton School Chickens? [Steve and Sir Carlton Cluck]
  • Who was the Cheshire Cat for the Haunted Happenings Parade? [Mrs. Altman]
For the big points:
  • What artist style did we use for inspiration for our Carlton chair for the Art Can Make a Difference Show? [Henri Matisse]
  • Which teacher has a name that is also an adjective? [Ms. White and Mrs. Lowd]

Congratulations to Kat's Kit Kats (Mr. Sheridan's Community Circle) who won with a whopping 25 points!

Apr 17, 2015


You can now order DVDs of your children's concerts and musicals! Thanks to the Carlton School PTO, we are purchasing a DVD duplicator and Mrs. Altman will be happily burning DVDs of past events like "The Little Mermaid" and "Wizard of Oz" musicals, the P1/P2 Winter Concert, and the E2 Veterans Day show and the E1 Recorder Concert plus all upcoming events including the Celebration of Learning shows and the Moving On Ceremony. DVDs will be affordably priced at $5 each.  Thank you to the PTO and Mrs. Altman for this opportunity to wax nostalgic for years to come!

Apr 8, 2015

Carlton to Sponsor Polar Bear

As part of Carlton's month-long celebration of Earth Day, classrooms will be collecting change in order to sponsor a polar bear through the World Wildlife Fund. The Planet Protectors Club will meet weekly in April to paper mâché our to-be-named polar bear (above) and coordinate change collection. Stay tuned for details on submitting your idea for the polar bear's name!

Mar 4, 2015

Massachusetts Safe Routes to School survey

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

Our school is enrolled in the Massachusetts Safe Routes to School program, which promotes safe walking and bicycling to and from school. Safe Routes to School is a federally funded program administered by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Safe Routes to School encourages students to increase physical activity by walking and biking safely, reduce traffic congestion during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, and teach environmentally sustainable behaviors. This is done through activities such as: Walk/Bike to School Days, walking school buses, Walk Across America programs, walking clubs, and pedestrian and bicycle safety education.

As a partner school, we have the opportunity to administer a parent survey to gain information about how your student(s) travel to school. This survey allows us to determine how far students live from school and how they get to and from school. We will use the results of this survey to work collaboratively with you, the school community, and Safe Routes to School, to address any concerns and barriers in an effort to create ways to promote safe walking and bicycling.

We ask you to please complete this anonymous survey. If you have any questions please contact us or contact our Safe Routes to School Outreach Coordinator Melissa Wilson. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

The for the online survey  : http://masaferoutessurvey.org/en/salem/carlton/
The survey will go live on Wednesday March 4, 2015 and will end March 18, 2015

Teegan von Burn
Assistant Principal
Carlton School
10 Skerry Street
Salem, MA 01970