Feb 27, 2014

Speed Painter Wows Carlton

Last month, speed painter Rob Surette wowed Carlton's kids with his "Amazing Hero Art" show. Thanks to our Holiday Store Moms Sheilagh Rotolo, Kristi Beaudoin and Carla Reid (pictured here with Surette) for organizing the event, which was paid for by money the students spent on their December holiday purchases. Surette created all the paintings you see here - each six feet tall - during his 60-minute show.

Feb 10, 2014

Carlton Sun Reports: The Carlton Reporters Sign Contract

The Carlton Sun Reporters Sign Contract

By Midnight Kitten, Super Sonic Newland, J. Oscar and Dragon Reporter

SALEM - Today at Carlton School, the reporters interviewed each other about the Carlton Sun pledge. The Carlton Sun pledge is like a job contract. Mrs. Kahn met the reporters to talk to them about the pledge. Mrs. Kahn is the publisher of the Carlton Sun and the principal of the Carlton School. Mrs. Von Burn didn't make it but she is the editor-in-chief and she is also the vice principal. They are the two heads of the school.

The full Carlton School pledge is included above. The reporters interviewed each other. Two reporters, Math Man Landers and M.A. Rose, were absent that day. 

Super Sonic Newland/Jonathan, who is a reporter and a third grader, said "Number one means I will tell what's going on with events."

Midnight Kitten/Elizabeth, who is a reporter for the Carlton Sun and a third grader, said "Number two means I will tell the students what's going on and tell them the events and what time they're at."

Dragon Reporter/Anna, who is a student in third grade and a reporter, said, "Number three means you should listen and follow directions."

J. Oscar/Natalya, who is age nine, grade three, whose favorite color is pink, reported on number four. "It means we should put effort into our writing."

This is the information that was in the Carlton Sun pledge.

Catch you later on the Carlton Sun web page.

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Jan 15, 2014

Carlton Sun Reports: The Main Trend

The Main Trend

By P.E. Fox, Charls Meen and W.B. Thornett

SALEM - A trend is something popular or done by many people. Examples such as pizza on Friday, watching "Teen Beach Movie," singing, teachers wearing jackets and students laughing crazily are all trends at Carlton Innovation School. The main trend at Carlton Innovation School and in our story is watching the music video of "The Fox Song," A.K.A. "What Does the Fox Say?"*

"The Fox Song" was produced by Ylvis. Its YouTube video got 260 million views. A company named Simon & Schuster is making a book of "The Fox Song, A.K.A. "What Does the Fox Say?" It will be made in time for Christmas** and will cost $17.99 plus tax.

Ilene Altman was interviewed by the Carlton Sun reporter W.B. Thornett. She is a music teacher at the Carlton Innovation School. She would like to be identified as, "What Does Mrs. Altman Say?" She said the music video was a brilliant and terrible video. She liked it when the guy was singing with a glass of champagne. She liked it when they said, "Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow!"

Lucas is the little brother of reporter P.E. Fox and Lucas is in Kindergarten, Miss White's class, at Carlton Innovation School. He said his favorite part of the song was the grandpa singing. He likes the song because it is funny. His favorite part of the music video is when both of the foxes fly. 

Like Lucas, Lalya goes to Carlton Innovation School. She is in Ms. Rodgers' class, third grade. Her favorite part of the song is the end. She likes the song because it's about a fox. Her favorite part of the music video is all of it because it has pictures.

Beth is one of the PTO presidents at Carlton Innovation School. She is the mother of Charls Meen, a Carlton Sun reporter. Beth has a different point of view from everyone else in our story and does not like the song. She doesn't like the song because she thinks it is annoying and unfunny. The song doesn't offend her, she just doesn't think it's clever. 

Even though not all people at Carlton Innovation School like the song, it doesn't mean it is not a good song. Most people in our story like it. They all like it for different reasons.

*The music video is not watched in/at Carlton, nor did the newspaper reporters watch the video in conjunction with this story. 

**Story written in mid-December.

Jan 14, 2014

Carlton Sun Reports: Trends at the Carlton Innovation School

Trends at the Carlton Innovation School

By Jillian Eveleth and L.G. Nunez, Sun Staff

SALEM - There are some trends that happen at the Carlton Innovation School. A trend is something popular or done by many people. One of the trends from the teachers is wearing old-fashioned high heels. Another trend is that the teachers correct lots of papers. Mrs. Morgenstern the third grade teacher said that teachers have to correct many papers. Another trend is teachers havd lots of meetings. One more trend is kids wearing a lot of sneakers. There are lots of trends that are at Carlton Innovation School.

The reporters Jillian Eveleth and L.G. Nunez interviewed Emmalise, Anmoldeep and Skye. They are third graders from the Carlton Innovation School. The reporters wanted to find out if kids wanted to do worksheets right away by themselves or have some teaching first and work on the whiteboard with teachers.

Anmoldeep, who was happy to miss the lesson to talk to the reporters because he knew how to do the lesson, said if the work was easy, he would want to do work right away on his own. Unlike Anmoldeep, Emmalise always wants to work on the board with the teacher, no matter if the work is easy or hard. She guesses she does 10 to 20 worksheets a day. Every day, in addition, she would usually use 10 to 15 sheets of paper.

Emmalise and Anmoldeep like to write. Skye's third love is writing, but her first love is history in the classroom. Her second is math. Skye is in the middle of Emmalise and Anmoldeep because she likes to get right to work whether it is easy or hard. Skye thinks she uses 15 to 45 pages of paper a day, including at home.

Mrs. Morgenstern is the teacher of the three kids. She does not use a lot of paper because she likes to save trees. She likes to take her notes on her iPad and take attendance on her iPad. Mrs. Morgenstern uses 60 to 120 pages a day in her classroom for her kids but alone she uses very little.

This was our story about Mrs. Morgenstern's class and how much paper they use and how many worksheets they do.