All children enter through the front doors. If you are driving your child to school, please enter the parking lot through the Skerry Street entrance farthest from the school and drive up. Please form a one-lane line close to the school. Do not pull up anywhere except in the lane closest to the school. Do not let your child out in the middle (travel) or far lanes; this puts children and drivers at risk.

If you need to enter the school at dropoff, you must park your car. You may not leave your car in the dropoff lane unattended

Our doors open at 7:30 for parents who need to drop their children off early. Please note students may not arrive at school before 7:30 am, as there is no adult supervision until that time. All students must report to the gym if they arrive BEFORE 8:10. At 8:10, all students in the gym will be walked to their classrooms.

Buses arrive at 8:05.

Any student that arrives AFTER 8:10 should report directly to their classrooms. All students should be in the building by 8:15, as instructional time begins at 8:20.

All students who arrive AFTER 8:20 must report to the office WITH CAREGIVER, sign in, and get a late/pink slip. When a student is tardy, he or she should have a valid reason.  

(Children on buses are not tardy if the bus is late.) 

We design our school day to help students make a positive transition. Students start the day with breakfast in the classroom and Morning Meeting, where they have a greeting, share, participate in an activity, and go over the morning message. This is also a time for setting goals and going over agendas.


Kindergarten Only

If you walk, you may pick you K child up at their outside classroom door from Ms. Perlack or Ms. Carter. These doors open onto the K playground to the left of the school.

If you drive and you would like to pick your child up at the outside classroom door, you may park in the school lot (though will have a hard time finding a spot) or along Skerry Street or Bridge Street. You may not park on Burnside Street, the street that runs to the right of the school.

If you have a K student and an older student, your older student may walk to K at the end of the school day for pickup. 

Car Line

If your child will be picked up in the car line, please enter the lot through the Skerry Street entrance farthest from the school. There are two pickup lanes once you get near the building. A staff member will bring your child to your car. Please use the center lane only for driving, not for waiting. If you need to enter the school at pickup, you must park your car; you may not leave it in the pickup lanes unattended.

Walker Door 

Walkers may be picked up at the walker door, which is at the far right end of the building, on Burnside Street. You may not drive onto Burnside Street. If you decide to drive to pickup, please call the front office to let the school now and we will have your child waiting in the Car Line.


Teachers help all children riding the bus get to their busses at the end of the day. Follow this link for the 2016-2017