While Carlton is not officially a nut-free school, we ask you to be considerate of allergies and not send any nuts to school. You may send nut products such as peanut butter for lunch; however, if your child has a friend with a peanut allergy, s/he will not be able to sit with that friend at lunch. Your teacher may send out a note with more specifics depending on allergies in your child's class.



Carlton provides breakfast in the classroom to all students. Breakfast typically includes cereal, milk and a cheese stick. 



All students at Carlton receive a piece of fruit in their classroom at snack time. Some teachers also offer any breakfast leftovers. You may send a snack with your child if you wish.



Children may bring lunch or eat free lunch from our cafeteria. All children at Carlton School receive free lunch. Carlton lunch menus may be found at the District Site,, under "District/Food & Nutrition Services."

In addition to the cooks in our kitchen, two paraprofessionals are available in the lunchroom if your child has questions or needs help.


Birthdays and Other Special Events

Carlton must adhere to state guidelines on food in schools. You may not bring any food to school to share with other children, even on birthdays, Valentine's Day, etc. We suggest either small non-edible treats such as pencils or erasers, or buying a book for the classroom to share.