What is the best way to communicate with my child's teacher?

Green folders come home with your students every night. Your teachers will send home any information they'd like you to have. You are welcome to send questions via notes in the green folder, reach out via email (addresses on our Staff list), or schedule a meeting with your teacher via phone call to the front office, 978-740-1280.

What do P1, P2, E1 and E2 mean?

Carlton is an Innovation School which uses multi-age classrooms within team levels, as opposed to traditional grade levels.

P1: Primary 1, corresponds to Kindergarten

P2: Primary 2, corresponds to grades 1-2

E1: Elementary 1, corresponds to grade 3

E2: Elementary 2, corresponds to grades 4-5.

More information about the innovation plan can be found in the "Innovation" section.

Can I help?

Yes! Email volunteer@carltonschool.org to be added to our volunteer list. We'll send out emails for everything from a teacher needing copies made to an upcoming PTO festival we need staffed. Additionally, you can always check with your child's teacher. 

Please note - the volunteer list is not just for PTO - it's for all volunteer activities at the school. 


Can I send food for my child's birthday/Valentine's Day/Halloween?

We prefer you don't. See the "Food" section for more information. 


Does Carlton do anything for Halloween?

P1 and P2 students typically dress in costumes and parade around the school. You will receive more information on this closer to Oct. 31. E1 and E2 students typically wear crazy hats to school on the same day as the parade. Families members are encouraged to come to the parade. 


Does Carlton do anything for Valentine's Day?

This is up to each classroom teacher. S/he will send a notice home if your child's class is swapping cards. 

Where do I drop-off/pick-up my child?

See our "Drop-Off and Pickup" section.


What does my child need for gym?

Sneakers and, if wearing a skirt, a pair of bicycle shorts or leggings underneath. Your child has gym twice a week; please contact your child's teacher if you haven't been informed of gym days.


Who do I call if my child is going to be absent?

Call our absentee line, 978-740-1178. For more information, see our "Sick Guidelines" section.


What is a Community Circle?

All children at Carlton are placed into a Community Circle, led by one staff member, with children from different grades. Ideally a student will remain in the same Community Circle throughout their Carlton years. Community Circles meet once a month and play games and discuss a variety of subjects as a group. The Circles allow students to make connections with older and younger students as well as teachers outside their classrooms.


What are Reading Buddies?

Our Reading Buddies program pairs E1 students (third graders) with P1 students (kindergardeners). Once a week, these pairs meet in the K classrooms to read together.

What are Stickers and Shout-outs?

Carlton staff hand out stickers to recognize special efforts students make. There are four stickers: "Ask me how I showed community," "Ask me how I showed effort," "Ask me how I showed curiosity," and "Ask me how I met a learning target." The stickers not only celebrate a child's work and effort, but also build community by giving other students, staff and parents a reason to strike up a conversation with the child wearing a sticker.

Shout-outs serve a similar purpose, and are delivered over the intercom at the end of the school day.

Where can I buy Carlton bumper stickers and T-shirts?

Carlton bumper stickers are available for $1 in the front office. The PTO sells Carlton T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. several times a year. Order forms come home in green folders.