May 25, 2015



Carlton PTO

Wednesday 5-6-15


Attendance:  Kendra Lefluer, Beth Forrestal, Carla Reid, Tricia Mercier, Collette Loux, Joe Loux, Jeff Fox, Lorena Hawkins, Amanda Means, Linda Girard, Melissa Wilson, Sarah Hunter, Ilene Altman, Ms. Kahn


  1. Approve Minutes from April:  Approved
  2. Treasures Report: jeff Motioned to approve treasurers report. Joe seconded. Treasures report approved.
  3. Earth Fest: Positive response 0 negative feedback received
  4. Calendar Raffle: As of 5-6-15 $1530.00 funds raised.  Final amount raised will be available in June 2015.
  5. Karaoke night: 28 May 15 @ 6pm. Cost: FREE.  Collette will manage concessions. 
  6. Movie night: 11 June 15 @ 6pm  Big Hero 6. Cost: FREE. PTO will provide 1 small water. Colette will manage concessions. 
  7. Picnic: 13 june 15 @12p-3pm. Location: Collins Cove.  Needs: volunteers for food set up, cooking, and cleanup. 2 grills needed. Porta- Potty needed. Contact person: Carla Reid
  8. DVD: Ms. Altmas reported about 20 DVD’s completed.  Suggestion: pre-make and sell at Karaoke night/movie night. Ms. Altman will follow-up
  9. Carlton Gear:  Collette will place order 5/8/15. 
  10. Celebration of Learning: 17 June 15 @6:30pm (e’s) 18 June 15 @ 6;30pm (k-3).  Collette will manage concessions for the COL.
  11. Babysitting: Funds approved at April meeting $25.00 per meeting. Beth will followup with Bethanne.
  12. Elections: Lorena and Amanda volunteered to run for co-president. Unanimous approval. New presidents for 2015-2017 are Lorena and Amanda.  Melissa volunteered to be secretary for 2015-2017 with unanimous approval. Melissa will be secretary 2015-2016.
  13. Requests:

a)    Ms. Altman requests to increase budget for Celebration of Learning to $875 or $1010 if piano tuning is not covered by district.  Jeff motioned to approve. Amanda seconded. Funds approved.

b)    Ms. Kahn requests a budget approval for Field day 23 June 15 to approve T-shirts for 220 enrolled students and 55 staff.  Jeff motioned to approve. Beth F seconded. Field Day t-shirts will be provided by PTO.

Carla requests to approve $200 funds for dispersement  for 3 signs in Cafeteria for art to Mrs. B.  Jeff moved to approve $200 in funds.  Sarah