Sep 24, 2015

Minute 9-10-15


Carlton PTO

Thursday 9-10-15


Attendance: Carla Reid (VP) Tricia Mercier (Teacher Pres), Joe Loux (Treasurer), Jeff Fox, Amanda Means (Co-president),Melissa Wilson (secretary) , Stephanie Makary, Ilene Altman, Ms. Kahn (principal), Kathy Karch, CJ Karch,  Susanna Baird, Adam Lantheaume, Kris Lantheaume, Teegan Von Burn (assistant prinicipal), Leah Penley


1. Walk -a-thon: Ms. Mercier updated that it will be next Thursday Sept 18. The pledge sheets have been sent home in communication folders

volunteer needs : 0830 Set about 5, 9-10am e1-e2 will walk (10 volunteers)

10-11am p1-p2 will walk (10 volunteers) 11-12:00 am (5-10 volunteers to tally the kids pledge sheets).

2. CORI forms for volunteers: Melissa will followup regarding CORI forms with

Ms. Melin. 

3. Haunted Happenings (world peace) : Ms. Bouffard Oct 1, 2015. Needs: paper towel rolls

Motion to increase budget from $275 as opposed to $200

due to 40 new shirts (CARLTON TIE DYE) for new students:  

Jeff moved to approve an addition $75.00 susannna seconded 

motion approved.

4. Pumpkin Fest:  Oct 22 6:00pm-7:30pm An event chair and committee is need.

Melissa will coordinate pumpkin decoration contest through city and obtain pumpkins again.

Will followup with Colette to obtain details from previous years.

5. Sept 25, 2015 is a 1/2 day and assembly and presentation for an Award presented to Carlto school staff and students. Ms. Kahn is requesting assistance

with pictures.  CJ Karch volunteered to take cover this event.

6. Veterans Day concert date confirmed in Nov 5th at 6PM. Ms Altman will

followup with color guard and Amanda Means will follow up with a friend that is a veteran to be speaker. 

7. Back to School Roller Party: Melissa proposed a back to school roller skating party on

9-25-15 from 5pm-7pm.  Melissa will followup with pricing detail ASAP. Concern:

most events PTO try to do are FREE to make them accessible to all students and families.

8. Cookbooks:  Melissa Will followup on inventory.

9. Chico Bag Fundraiser:  Melissa will followup with Kendra and Beth for details


New Business: Melissa Will look into roller skating back to school night. 9-25-15

issue is that we dont do pay events so how can we make this free to student:

enrollment 215 current