Mar 14, 2016

Minutes 2-3-16

Minutes 2-3-16

Carlton PTO


Attendees:  Amanda Means, Betsy Ricciarelli, Carla Reid, Leah Penley, Kimberly Falchek,

Jeff Fox, Joseph Loux, Sseziwa Mukasa, Ilene Altman, Kathy Karch, Amy Shanahan,

Teegan von Burn, Patricia Mercier


  1. Minutes from 1-13-16 were 1st, 2nd and all approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report was 1st, 2nd and all approved.
  3. Colette requests more money for the concession for up to $40.00 for the Winter Concert.  1st, 2nd and all approved for an additional $40.00 for the concession for the Winter Concert.
  4. The Earth Fest will be on a Thursday and will probably be on April 28th.  Gina can probably coordinate the Earth Fest.
  5. The Recorder Concert will be on April 14th. Calendar Raffle is an all May event which has to be prepared ahead of time. This has to be done before May 1st.  Donations are still needed.  There are at least 31 prizes needed.
  6. Ninety-Nine night in April is a possible fundraiser.  The Carlton School will get 15% of the bill.  Either a night during April vacation or a Friday night in April are possible nights to have the fundraiser.  
  7. Possible Yard Sale at Savers for a fundraiser.  Amanda with speak with Savers.  5 cents a pound for hard items.  20 cents a pound for soft items.  We can possibly have food for the yard sale.  There can be a week long drop off for the yard sale.  The yard sale would be held sometime in the spring, probably June, from 7:00 am to 12:00 noon.
  8. Box Tops.  Lauren is in charge and Kristy is possibly involved as well.  Betsy will get in touch with Lauren and get more information.  Kim Falchek has volunteered to also help with the box tops.  
  9. Spring Dance-A-Thon. Ilene Altman and Jean Marie Kahn to possibly coordinate a day for the Dance-A-Thon.  Dance-A-Thon will be similar to how the Walk-A-Thon is done.  It will most likely be done during the school day.  
  10. Ilene Altman has requested that Figi from Fun Phenomenon be there for both shows for the winter concert.  Motion to give Figi $100.00 for coming to the concert for both performances of the Winter Concert.  The motion is 1st, 2nd and all approved.
  11. Mr. Sheridan will be having two field trips.  The 3rd grade will be going to the Museum of Science.  The 4th grade will be going to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. A motion to request $375 each for the two field trips.  The motion is 1st, 2nd and all approved. 
  12. Request to end meeting is 1st, 2nd and all approved.