Oct 9, 2016


PTO Meeting Carlton School 9-15-16

Attendees: Leah Penley, Amanda Means, Betsy Ricciarelli, Amy Shanahan, Francesca Sparallo, Kim Falchek, Beth Forrestal, Ilene Altman, Kelly Barrett, Greg Sheridan, Kate Bouffard, Erin Burgos, Joseph Loux, Fiona Williams, Bethann Jellison

Haunted Happenings is October 6. National Parks type of float for parade.

Camp Carlton, a shirt for all seasons, a 1950’s type of shirt. $6.25 a shirt. Order about 315 shirts plus 24 for incoming kindergartners. Number of students will be at capacity by the end of the year.

Celebration of Learning Budget. Approve the budget now. Last year we went over by $1000. Budget was $1500 and we spent $2500. We need to review budget.

WalkAThon is September 23. Volunteers are all set and it’s all set to go.

CORI Forms. Volunteers to have CORI done every 2 years. No parent volunteer can be left along with a child unless they have been fingerprinted. There is no cost to have CORI done but fingerprinting does have a cost. You can be reimbursed by the school.

Pumpkin Fest. Leah Penley to run Pumpkin Fest again this year. Need volunteers. It is set for October 20th from 5:30 - 7:00.

There will not be a Veteran’s Day show. There will be a show during the day for the school but no night time show. Show can be purchased on video later.

February 6 - 8 is the Farm School.

Musical will take place on a Wednesday and Thursday night.

Kindergarten Boston Field Trip. 54 Kindergarten students and there will be 9 or 10 adults to go with them. $10.00 a person plus the bus. Bus is between $130 - $160. $500 allotted for Field Trip. Estimate is $800 for cost. Motion to give $800 for field trip is 1st, 2nd and all approved.

Take Home Book Bags. $300 request to purchase take home bags. Motion for $300 for book bags is 1st, 2nd all all approved.

New system for requesting funds. 2 forms. 1 for requesting funds, name detail. Amanda and Betsy preparing letters for teachers. You can get reimbursement form from the office.

The Farm School was paid for by a grant. That money is gone so they are working out a way to pay for Farm School this year. We may need to do another fundraiser.

Minutes from June meeting 1st, 2nd and all approved.

Treasurer’s Report is 1st, 2nd and all approved.