Mar 1, 2017

December 6, 2016

Carlton PTO Minutes December 6, 2016

Attendees: Amanda Means, Bethann Jellison, Greg Sheridan, Suleika Villanueva, Leah Penley, Ilene Altman, Jocelyn Sheahan, Patricia Bonneau, Sarah Hunter, Jeff Fox, Amanda Valentin O’Brien, Betsy Ricciarelli, Eric Burgos, Meredith Sterling, Geoff Millar, Amy Shanahan

Minutes from November 1, 2016, 1st, 2nd and all approved.

Treasurer’s Report 1st, 2nd and all approved.

99 Fundraiser raised a total of $223.00, which is double the amount that was raised at the Village Tavern. There will be another 99 Fundraiser in the Spring.

Farm School - Still raising money for Farm School. Maybe local farms could sponsor a child. $100 for each child. Designated Bus Fund is $2,400.00 for buses, $850.00 for Farm School bus. Motion to designate $2,400.00 for bus money is 1st, 2nd and all approved.

Events Committee would involved a group of parents to run each event. There would be a chairperson for each event, and also the committee to help with running the events. Earth Fest - Volunteer list to be sent out. Concessions Volunteer is needed to run all the concessions during various school events.

Requests: We could possibly bring Figie back for 10 sessions and find a way to pay for it since we didn’t get the grant. This would cost $1,000 for 10 sessions. We could also use parent expertise to teach the children as another possibility.

The E1 and E2 will have African dancing, so Bethann would like the P1 and P2 to do something active.

Movie Night will be Thursday, January 12, at 6:00 pm. Probably the Jungle Book will be shown as the movie.

Karaoke Night will possibly be on May 30.

E2 Talent Carlton Coffeehouse will be on May 18th. There will be a morning show at 9:00am and an evening show at 6:30pm.

Spelling Bee and Earth Fest will be on April 25th and 27th.

On January 25th, there will be a Spelling Bee for 5th Graders only.

Ilene Altman has a request for Big Love Ball. The large ball is $79.00 plus shipping and handling. The decision on the color will be made at a later date. There is a motion to purchase this ball for $79.00 which is 1st, 2nd and all approved.

Amanda will get the items for the concession for the play.

Suleika Villanueva volunteers to translate for the PTO. Motion to end meeting is 1st, 2nd and all approved.