Mar 28, 2017

February 7, 2017

February 7, 2017




Attendees:  Leah Penley, James Willis, Geoff Millar, Rebecca Cope, Jocelyn Sheahan, Sarah Hunter, Amanda Valentin O’Brien, Melissa Hankens, Patricia Bonneau, Bethann Jellison, Kelly Barrett, Beth Forrestal, Jeff Fox, Betsy Ricciarelli, Amanda Means, Amy Shanahan

  1. Minutes 1st, 2nd and all approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report 1st, 2nd and all approved.
  3. Calendar Raffle Fundraiser. The Calendar Raffle made $1,300.00 last year, and made $1,900 from the previous year.  We need to get lots of parents involved to promote this fundraiser so that we will have a successful year.  
  4. Getting the parents to volunteer is not going well.  We need to figure out a way to get more parents to involved in volunteering for various school events.  
  5. We need someone to volunteer to run the Concession Stand.
  6. Farm School is a success.
  7. We need another person to help the Volunteer Coordinator to maintain the Volunteer list and to send out the emails when we need volunteers for various events.
  8. Karaoke Night is Tuesday, March 21st.
  9. If this Thursday (2/9) is a snow day, then the concert will be postponed until next Thursday (2/16).
  10. We need to pick another fundraising night for either the 99 again or maybe Bit Bar.  The best date for this fundraiser is when the teachers have a meeting during the day, and then to have the fundraiser that night. April 11th is a possibility for the fundraising night and it will most likely be at the 99. Dining for a Cause.
  11. The Earth Fest is April 27th.
  12. A grown up night out is a possibility for another fundraiser.
  13. Teacher Appreciation Week:  This is in May.  The ten minute massages were very popular last year. The massages were through Body and Soul in Salem.  The yoga was not popular so it is not suggested to do yoga again.  The brewery was a hit.  Bethann can put on a lunch for the teachers for one day.  
  14. April MCAS 2 starts the week before April vacation.  April through May is the time period for the MCAS 2 for Grades 3, 4 and 5.
  15. P1 and P2 Concert, February 9th Concession needs a volunteer, with February 16th being the snow day.  Jeff Fox will do the Concessions for this event.  
  16. March 2nd, Thursday, E1 Recorder Concert also needs a Concessions Volunteer.  Amanda Means said that she volunteer for that day.
  17. Flowers By Darlene supplies flowers for the Concession Stands during plays and concerts. These are $3.00 a flower.  The end of year Celebration of Learning will need to have flowers for the concession.  
  18. Motion to end the meeting is 1st, 2nd and all approved.