Apr 13, 2015

PTO Minutes 1-7-15


PTO Meeting Wednesday, January 7, 2014, 6:30pm


Attendance: Ilene Altman (music teacher), Beth Forrestal (parent co-president), Kendra LeFleur (parent co-president), Joe Loux (treasurer), Susanna Baird (secretary), Jeff Fox, Sarah Hunter, Colette Loux, Betsy Ricciarelli, Francesca Sparacio


1. Approve Minutes from December – Approved. 

2. Elections – May for Co-President and Secretary.

3. Frozen Sing-Along – Tricia is doing mugs. Colette is going to get cups. Approved money for Colette. 5:30 setup. Print out coloring sheets. Donation bucket out.

4. Requests – Snowball Slam started. Send around another round of pledge sheets. Second week of February is Literacy Week with the celebration. There is an event every day. Monday Teacher Swap – teachers go and read books to other classrooms. Tuesday – Community Circle Read-in with jammies. Wednesday – end the snowballs and slush party. Need money for slush. Reveal how many books and chapters. Can we approve $350? Thursday Author Share. Friday Vocabulary Parade – moving to the stage. Doing a weekly winner.

At the end of every week is a classroom who wins. This week, least amount of snowballs on your day. Prize hot chocolate and popcorn and an hour to read. Gives them a head start to read for the next week. Every week for five weeks, 2 class per week. Ask Melissa if she can get it for free. $350 slush. Approved. $75 for cocoa and popcorn.

Mrs. Kahn needs $635.90.

Nice if we had a DVD duplication system – we could make DVDs and sell them for $5. Between $400 and $600. PTO approved up to $600. Beth Anne Jellison can write a check. Ilene is going to look for the DVDs. 

5. Update - Staff meeting re: the outdoor classroom. Will put together a wish list. Design something, come up with a price tag, etc. 

6. Raffle – bring in stuff anytime for the May raffle.

7. Salem 5 Grant – Colette researched. You put in for an object. Sarah will check in with Salem Cycle to see what it would cost for 60 helmets. Joe and Colette will fill it out and see if Salem 5 will buy. 

8. Treasurer's Report – Approved. 

9. Teacher Appreciation Week – First week in May. Banner. Lunchboxes. Amanda will check into 60. Navy blue with a white logo or royal blue with a white logo. Discuss treats at February meeting.




Jan 7, 2015



PTO Meeting Wednesday, December 3, 2014, 6:30pm

Attendance: Teegan Von Burn (vice principal), Trisha Mercier (staff president), Ilene Altman (staff composer & chicken wrangler), Beth Forrestal (parent co-president), Kendra LeFleur (parent co-president), Joe Loux (treasurer), Carla Reid (vice president), Susanna Baird (secretary), Claire Cloutier, Jeff Fox, Amanda Means, Sarah Hunter

1. Chick-Fil-A – Bill (Chick-Fil-A rep). Presented several concepts. After he left, we decided against it. (Note: We actually said no in advance, but he showed up anyway.)

Amanda is going to contact Howling Wolf and Orange Leaf about a combined fundraiser in January or February.

2. Minutes from November – Reviewed and approved.

3. P1 and P2 Holiday Concert – Ilene. Will sell chips, water, cookies. Leah Penley's daughters will be selling the cookies in the lobby. Susanna and Beth will put platters together Thursday afternoon just before pickup.

4. Readathon – Beth. We will need volunteers to count the snowballs in the mornings. Halfway through pajamas and hot cocoa day for the least amount of snowballs. Susanna will work with Shawna Erps to get volunteers lined up.

5. Frozen Sing Along – Ilene. January 8. Carla will bring the sing along DVD to Ilene. Hot cocoa – will sell for $1. Adults will be in paper cups, kids will be in leftover mugs. Carla and Susanna counted – approximately 75. Snowflake craft run by Beth. Susanna will get card stock and run off copies of a winter bookmark template that kids can color and then use for Snowball Slam.

6. Ye Olde Pepper Companie – Kendra investigating candy fundraiser. 

7. Requests – none except Susanna will email Stephanie re: Sheridan.

8. Children's Charity Trisha Mercier will email him.

9. Magnets – 50 - $12. Sarah made them. Approved reimbursing Sarah plus $25 additional to buy another 100 magnets.

10. Stuff for kids who need winter items – Teegan is going to look into what's needed and will contact us if there are winter coats.

11. Treasurer's Report - Reviewed and approved.




Nov 8, 2014

PTO Minutes Wednesday, November 5, 2014


PTO Meeting Wednesday, November 5, 2014, 6:30pm

Attendance: Beth Forrestal (co-president) Kendra LeFleur (co-president), Ilene Altman (teacher co-president), Carla Reid (vice president), Joe Loux (treasurer), Jean-Marie Kahn (principal), Jeff Fox, Stephanie Makary, Amanda Means, Sseziwa Mukasa, Francesca Sparaccio

1. Minutes - Reviewed and Approved

2. Pumpkin Fest - Went well. Only change - to have pumpkins judged that night. Possibly do a haunted house with the E2s or pair them with an adult.

3. Chico Bag Fundraiser - Sold $3,922. We get 40%, which is $1,569. Comparable with the cookie fundraiser. Affordable price point. Goes well with the green theme. Bags make good gifts.

4. Readathon & Vocabulary Parade – Begins January, the week we start back. Will be done in conjunction with Snowball Slam. Each Snowball=10 books read. Families pledge per snowball. Consider a weekly winner to keep interest – maybe win a book for the classroom. Another option - halfway through, a pajama day for the current winning classrooms on each floor. Shawna Erps and Jean-Marie Kahn are in charge. Jean-Marie will ask teachers about possible prizes. Could use help with punching out of snowballs and with the bulletin board. Jean-Marie will set up what is needed when from volunteers, Susanna will solicit volunteers and create volunteer schedule.

Vocab parade is the week before February vacation. Snowball Slush is that Friday. Will need volunteers to scoop. Vocab Parade on Wednesday 11 or Thursday 12 with Slush Party on the 13th.

5. Bumper Stickers - Consider magnetic versions. Ask Colette and then Dan. Consider having a sponsor. Bank? Colette was going to talk to a friend at Salem Five.

6. Veterans' Day Concert - Ilene has flags for all children, plus two flags for each E2 student for the show. She will collect the flags at the end of the daytime concert. She will let E2 students keep flags after the nighttime concert. She would like to be reimbursed $55. Approved.

7. Food for Thought - Betsy not here. Guessing we didn't make much.

8. Bike Day - Many kids ride their bikes to Carlton but don't have helmets. Early May is National Bike to School Day. Carlton will do an event in conjunction. Sarah Hunter will head up the event. Possible activities: Bike rodeo. Bike check. Helmet fitting. Obstacle course in the parking lot with stations. Big kids practice on the street. Games. Face painting. Bike decorating. Kendra has a friend in Brooklyn who is closing a bike shop, she will check into helmets. See if the two shops in town will get involved. Cornell has a 40-page packet on how to set one up.

9. Compost Bins – Request. Kristin Ciamataro needs composting bags. Jeff suggests $50. Approved.

10. Art Can Make A Difference at the PEM – Request. Every PTO is asked to donate $50 to pay for Adirondack chairs. This year's theme – abstract art. Approved.

11. P2 Aquarium – Request. $324.50 for busses. Approved.

12. Science – Request. $100 for consumable supplies needed for running the science lab. E.g. straws, stuff from Home Depot, grocery store. For years, the Read Foundation gave us lots of money for science in schools. They are not happy with the science MCAS scores so they are pulling back on money. Greg Sheridan's position is now considered a coach. He doesn't have the same access to funds so he's paying for things out of pocket. The school budget is tight. Stephanie is going to work with him on a specific wish list, and PTO will give $100. Susanna will email teachers about a general wish list.

13. Approved Bus for Topsfield Fair - $140. Previously approved, but no check ever requested. Jean-Marie will research.

14. Garden - The soil was toxic, then cleaned up when the current building was built. Never certified. District paid $12,000 this school year for certification. If the soil is safe, our raised beds are fine. If the soil is not safe, we will need to create a non-permeable barrier and put the raised beds on top of it.

Carlton will build an outdoor classroom - convenient, low-maintenance, pretty, usable throughout a good chunk of the school year. Possibly work on the K yard too. Put developmentally appropriate play items out there. Nature oriented. Buckets with clipboards, pencils and chalk.

Jean-Marie would like to form a small group of parents and teachers to plan for it, write grants in the spring to try and build in the summer. Stephanie will head it up. Amanda's daughter's dad is a landscape architect. Carla will talk to Robin Panzer about grant writing.

15. New Parents – Beth, Susanna and Sarah will put together an information packet.

16. Thanksgiving Wednesday Snacks – Approved $100.

17. Treasurer's Report – Approved


Oct 9, 2014

Minutes 10-8-14


PTO Meeting Wednesday, October 8, 2014, 6:30pm

Attendance: Beth Forrestal (co-president) Kendra LeFleur (co-president), Tricia Mercier (teacher co-president), Ilene (teacher co-president), Carla Reid (vice president), Joe Loux (treasurer), Jean-Marie Kahn (principal), Beth Anne Cornell (note-taker), Jeff Fox, Lorena Hawkins, Caryn Lister, James Lister, Colette Loux, Stephanie Makary, Amanda Meany, Sseziwa Mukasa, Betsy Ricciarelli 

1.  Approval of September Minutes

Skillful minutes enthusiastically approved.

2.  Veteran’s Day Concert Concessions, etc.

The concert will be 1 hr long, and the PTO, represented by Beth Anne and Susannah Cornell, will sell water and snacks.  Ms. Altman is looking to make contact with a veteran to come and speak to students, as well as the ROTC from Salem high.

3.  $140 approved for E1 bus trip to Topsfield Fair

4.  Pumpkin Fest

Coordinator Colette Loux is organized and ready for a fun night.

5.  Carlton Gear

Gear sales made just under $100. Colette Loux will look into ordering reusable Carlton bags to sell through order forms as well as at PTO events.

6.  Sing-Along Frozen

January 8th, 6:00. Ms. Kahn will arrange to have chairs set up to create a more organized theater.  Students will be grouped by class. Consider charging a fee and having it be a fundraiser.

7.  Karaoke Night Redux

2/26 6:30. Research possibility of selling pizza.

8.  Walkathon

The Walkathon was a great success, raising $2,000.

9.  Bag Fundraiser

Orders are due on October 24th.

10.  Treasurer’s Report (*See below for highlights.)

Motion to reimburse Ms. Bouffard for $41.83 overage for Haunted Happenings parade, approved. Motion to increase in the Haunted Happenings budget to $250, approved.

11.  Other Business        

Betsy Ricciarelli volunteered to be the SEF liaison.

 12.  7:30pm Meeting adjourned

Sep 11, 2014

Minutes 9-9-14


PTO Meeting Wednesday, September 9, 2014, 6:30 p.m.


 Attendance: Beth Forrestal (co-president), Kendra LeFleur (co-president), Tricia Mercier (teacher co-president), Joe Loux (treasurer), Carla Reid (treasurer), Susanna Baird (secretary), Jean-Marie Kahn (principal), Kate Bouffard (art), Carrie Cabot (SEF), Linda Girard, Sarah Hunter, Colette Loux, Sseziwa Mukasa, Betsy Ricciarelli, Francesca Sparacio, Melissa Wilson

1. Haunted Happenings – Kate Bouffard

Theme is fantasy. Decided to go with Alice in Wonderland. Attempting to do a takeoff on the original illustrations with pops of color. P2 is tea party - girls will wear teacup hats and party dresses. Boys will wear top hats, white shirts, dark pants, bow ties. Talking flowers P1s – Ps will make flowers and mushroom hats.

Es are going to be the card army. Cardboard box fronts. Wrap them in white paper and kids will make cards. Will have to wear black or red. Will make a headband with a sign in front of it.

Going to try and do a tree to pull on a wagon. Rolling tea table. Melissa Wilson and Carrie Cabot and Linda Girard have bike trailers for Kate to use. Build sculptural pieces with the kids. Mr. Sheridan is going to be the Mad Hatter and tow the table on a bicycle.


2. Approved the Minutes from August.


3. Salem Education Foundation – Carrie Cabot

Teacher grants are open through Oct. 5. Encourage teachers to apply.

Food for Thought – Carlton signed up for a day – October 25. Beth will do 10-1, Linda will do 10-12, Carla will do 12-1, Kendra and Susanna will do 1-4.

Need a parent to be a contact for SEF. Tickets to all three events. Bilingual newspaper being printed in October.  Going to look at Carlton over the last two years. Another story on MCAS.  If there are any other stories, contact SEF.


4. Approved to pay babysitters tonight $25 and next month need to hire sitter – Beth

Melissa will babysit October 8. 


5. Fundraisers – Beth

99 Fundraiser – Dining with a Cause for 23rd. Paper will go home. You have to hand them a ticket and they will give 15% of your order to the school. Walkathon the 26th. Green bags fundraiser start October 6. 1.5 week selling period. Can't get a hold of the light-bulb people.

Walkathon on the 26th. Tricia has envelopes. Will let Susanna know if she needs volunteer. We will likely do a 9 a.m. and a 10 a.m. Carla will bring in index cards.


6. Karaoke Night - Beth

We will sell water. It's 30 minutes after the school day. Beth will buy water and snacks. We usually spend $75 of snacks. Beth and Susanna will go get the pretzels, chips and water. Colette and Tricia will sell.


7. Pumpkin Fest – Colette Loux

Looking for new ideas for crafts. October 16. Colette will email Susanna the volunteer list. Melissa is going to set up the pumpkins. The judging won't be 'til the 17th.


8. Apple Picking Field Trip for P1 – Tricia Mercier

Working on the date.


9. Requests – Jean-Marie Kahn

Stickers – PTO will order. Kate Bouffard is in charge. Kate will email Joe the information. Motion to approve $500 for stickers. School system requires this. Approved.


10. Treasurer's Report – Joe Loux

Joe will email reports to Susanna to include with minutes. Approved.


Aug 28, 2014

Minutes August 26, 2014


PTO Meeting Tuesday, August 26, 2014, 6:30 p.m.

Present: Ilene Altman (music teacher), Beth Forrestal (PTO co-president), Kendra LeFleur (PTO co-president), Carla Reid (PTO vice president), Joe Loux (PTO treasurer), Susanna Baird (PTO secretary), Alexa Ogno (SEF representative), Bethanne Cornell, Linda Girard, Sarah Hunter, Colette Loux, Sseziwa Mukasa

1. Salem Education Foundation – Alexa Ogno

The SEF supports teachers and public schools, and is primarily funded by the people of Salem. Programs: grants for teachers, free backpacks with school supplies for all Salem K and 1 students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, Feed the Need to Read.

Teacher Grants: Application due October 5. Up to $1K grant for one teacher, or up to $3K for a collaborative effort between at least two schools. Programs must happen this year.

Food for Thought Raffle: Fundraiser, prize is ticket anywhere in the world plus dinner and hotel. Each PTO takes one day during October to sell tickets on the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall. For any tickets sold beyond $100 worth, Carlton receives $1 per ticket sold. We will be selling in two-hour shifts (10-12, 12-2, 2-4) on Saturday, Oct. 25.

Parent Ambassador and Teacher Ambassador: SEF would like one parent and teacher from each school to serve as go-between keeping school apprised of SEF efforts and vice versa. Parent Ambassador responsible twice a year for picking up Education Now newspapers at Salem High and delivering to Carlton.

Education Now newspaper: Coming out in mid-October. Need someone at Carlton to write a story about something at Carlton. MCAS? Articles due September 20.

Feed the Need to Read: List at Amazon of books requested by all schools at Salem.  If anyone at Carlton needs any, they can email Alexa.

Questions about SEF? Email alexa@ogno.org

2. Community Outreach

A new parent committee has been formed to try and build the Carlton community and increase communication. Initial efforts will be focused on updating and growing fans of the Facebook page, updating CarltonSchool.org, and establishing a news sign at dropoff/pickup. Anyone interested in the full minutes, email volunteer@carltonschool.org

3. Fundraisers

The Read Science Foundation grant is not as fully funded as it was in the past, so the PTO may have to pay for more field trips. So we need more fundraisers.

September 23 – Dine-in at the 99, they donate a portion of the earnings that night. Awaiting confirmation from the 99

September 26 – Walkathon

October – Lightbulbs from National Grid and reusable shopping bags

October possible – Colette Loux researching space during Haunted Happenings to sell something or have a "take a photo with a witch" booth or the like. Possibilities: anyone that knows anyone with a shop on Essex, Museum Place Mall – Sal Castiello, father of Suzahnah and Salvy.

January – Readathon (free for us!) 

February or later – Cookies

May – Calendar Raffle

May – Ice Cream fundraiser at Salem Screamery – they donate portion of sales

Concessions – throughout year at all events

4. Back to School Night, September 9, 6:30-8:30 (PTO to follow)

We need babysitters. Beth researching with the Salem YMCA.

5. Carlton Karaoke – Ilene Altman

Fun family event, we will do one and if it's a success, do more.

6. Camcorder – Ilene Altman

School, especially music/drama/ would love one. Could make DVDs and sell, send programs to SATV, etc. Ilene will research and come up with a final price. Carla also suggested donorschoose.org.

7. Family Events – Beth & Kendra

Karaoke Night, Veterans' Day Concert Nov. 6 (E2), Holiday Show Dec. 18 (P1 and P2), Musical Little Mermaid Feb. 10 and 11, Recorder Show April 16 (E1), Celebration of Learning June 9 (P1 and P2) and June 10 (E1 and E2), Moving On Ceremony July 18, Earth Fest April 30, Pumpkin Fest October 16 6-7:30

8. Greater Worcetser Opera Company – Linda Girard

Neighbor of Linda's wanted to donate a performance by the Greater Worcester Opera Company of the Pirates of Penzance, but it requires many weeks of teaching and Ilene cannot work it in with the other music/drama things already scheduled. Linda will research whether the company does any straight performances that don't involve lots of prep on our part.

9. Budget

We have $9,920.86 in the account. $5,903.63 of this is already designated. $4,017.23 remains.

Recent expenses: Reimburse Kristi Beaudoin $20 for volleyball net for end-of-year picnic. Drama Club spent $99.50 to reserve rights to The Little Mermaid.



Nov 8, 2013

Minutes 11.6

PTO Meeting November 6, 2013

Attendees: Jean-Marie Kahn (principal), Kendra LeFleur (co-president), Trisha Mercier (teacher president), Carla Reid (VP), Susanna Baird (secretary), Susan Gagnon, Sarah Hunter, Jeff Fox, Linda Ross Girard, Colette Loux

1. Cookie Fundraiser

We made $1,945.

2. BoxTops

We made $252. Next submission is March 1. Ask Lauren to lead discussion on next push for box tops.

3. Cookbook Update

Some students did not get the cookie form. Beth re-sent home this week. Recipes due on Friday 11.8.

4. Sub-committee Updates

Family Events – December Event – Judith working with Ilene Altman. Get update.

Parent Outreach – Jenny. We need to get a coffee on the calendar. Find out when the K kids start and talk to Jenny.

Cultural Events – Laser Show done. Susanna will ask September if she is serving as chair for the rest of the year. Kendra is working on a fine artist for the spring. She will e-mail Jean-Marie with the artist's proposal and they will figure out age appropriateness. Other ideas: Tufts Traveling Treasure Trunk – Linda will research. Music, including Endicott – Sarah will research.

Community Outreach – Susanna will e-mail Salem Y and ask about the Y and a coat/hat drive.

5. Thanksgiving Bagels/Heavy Snack on Wednesday 11.27

Jean-Marie and teachers at next week's staff meeting will decide meal. PTO approved $150.

6. SEF/Food for Thought 

Carlton earned $7.

7. Hay Bale Maze and Sticker Sales

Carlton earned $50; unfortunately due to computer mix-up multiple PTOs staffed the maze at the same time, so our capacity for earning was greatly decreased.

8. Treasurer's Report

With the cookie fundraiser and walkathon, there were more than 100 transactions this month, thus the $5.50 service charge.

9. Carlton Wear

Kate Bouffard is waiting for one last e-mail from Gorilla re: the quality of the pullover, trying to find something better. Colette will be in charge. Each trimester – she will send home order forms, including pictures  and a size chart. Parents can send in cash or check. The information will also go up on the website. Goal: get first round of order forms out in time for people to order for the holidays.

10. Witchcraft Heights Elementary School Turkey Shoot

WHES contacted us about donating a gift basket for their annual Turkey Shoot. The baskets will be raffled to raise money for the family whose parents passed away.

PTO approved a caramel apple basket and $50, but goal is to spend less. Note: PTO donated $50 to the fund for this family in September.

11. End-of-the-year Show Budget

The specialists running the end of the year show submitted an $800 budget. We will discuss in full in December when Treasurer Kristi Beaudoin is present. 


Nov 6, 2013

Oct. 2, 2013

PTO Meeting October 2, 2013

 Attendees: Jean-Marie Kahn (principal), Teegan von Burn (asst principal) Beth Forrestal (co-pres), Kendra LeFleur (co-pres), Tricia Mercier (teacher pres), Carla Reid (vice pres), Kristi Beaudoin (treasurer), Susanna Baird (secretary), Jeff Fox, Colette Loux, Lauren Riordan, Suleika Villanueva

1.  Minutes from 9.13


 2. Cookie Fundraiser – Beth and Kendra

Beth and Kendra presented. Orders due Oct. 15. We need to clarify when orders are coming back; we know it's the week of Nov. 18. We need volunteers to assemble orders. Betsy Melin has extra order forms.

3. Walkathon - Tricia

We raised nearly $1,000. In the future, we need 8-10 volunteers. The parents that helped this year were a big help.  Worked well holding the walkathon in the fall, as opposed to the spring. Carla suggested splitting the walkers into K-2 and 3-5 instead of K-3, 4-5. Tricia noted it all depends on schedules.

4. Boxtops – Lauren

The next shipment must be postmarked Nov. 1. Based on what was collected last year, we'll probably earn about $300. The check should arrive the first or second week of December. PTO decided not to do boxtop sheets now, but will consider for the spring. Susanna will put a reminder upcoming newsletters, including the boxtops4education website and note that they are pink. She will also note that folks can shop via this site at other sites (Old Navy, etc.), choose Carlton as their school, and receive some money.

5. Fundraisers for the rest of the year – Beth and Kendra

• Ilene Altman (music) is trying to coordinate evening concerts; the PTO will sell concessions.

• Beth got in touch with some Salem-based printers re: cookbooks. The Scarlet Letter Press offers the best prices, and will give us a 30 percent discount for putting their log on our book. We can do pre-orders. Sheets went home in green folders. If we get recipes back by Halloween, we can have cookbooks in time for Christmas. We are holding a coloring contest for the front cover.

• Chico Bags. Reusable, most cost $10. They also have sandwich sacks. Beth is waiting on a quote for cost of getting school logo on a blue bag. We would make the same profit we make on cookie sales. Some members of PTO thought people wouldn't pay $10. We should brainstorm places we can sell them.

• Yard Sale. Last year we did Dec. General opinion — better in the spring paired with Earth Day fest. Realized school wouldn't be open to non-Carlton community during Earth Day fest.  Still thinking April.

• Calendar Raffle tentatively scheduled for February.

6. Pumpkin Fest – Colette Loux

We have 14 volunteers, 10 stations. One person will float around and help.  We still need a couple of estimation jars for contests. We estimate about 100 kids will attend. Activities will include game station, face painting, magic-wand making, mask making, pumpkin judging. The event will run 6-7:30.

7. Hay Bale Maze on Salem Common - Beth

On Oct. 26 from 12-1:30 the Salem Common Neighborhood Association is letting us have the hay bale maze to raise money. We decided to sell a sticker. Beth and Susanna will work on this.

8. Salem Education Foundation – Suleika

Next week we will receive 200 raffle tickets to sell, as well as a distribution form, student flier, rules and regulations, and a PTO instruction sheet. Ben will tell us how many we sell before we get $1.  The PTO will sell them at the Hay Bale Maze. Suleika and Beth will work on getting the tickets ready.

9. Subcommittees – Beth and Kendra

September Fortier will head Cultural Events. Judith Nunez will head Family Events. We need Parent Outreach and Community Outreach committee heads. Possibly Jenny Abarca. We discussed merging Family Events and Parent Outreach, and making them one committee.

Re: Family Events - October is Pumpkin Fest. December is probably a concert, Judith will talk to Mrs. Altman. February is dinner and a game show. April is earth fest (Gina Grinarml). June is the picnic.

Re: Parent Coffees, we decided to hold them at the beginning of each trimester and offer direct invitations to new K parents.

10. Web Store

Kate Bouffard (art) was in charge. We don't have her information. WHO?? Will remind her after parade. Colette Loux offered to do be in charge of the web store. We will sell T-shirts, polos, maybe a long sleeve, fleece. Kate has quotes. They were decent prices and good quality. We will probably order by trimester.

11. Treasurer's report - Kristi

Report approved.

After we pay $500 in scholarships from last year, we have $45. Jean-Marie to figure out the scholarships.

Request: field trip bus for third grade trip, $100 approved.

We voted on/approved the following cuts/changes to the budget:

• Cut childcare for PTO meetings; parents Rich Thornett and Joe Loux will babysit ($250).

• Reduced principal's discretionary fund from $1000 to $300.

• Cut SEF spring raffle ($50).

• Reduced Carlton picnic from $800 to $700.

• Reduced Carlton scholarship from $500 ($250 each) to $400 ($200 each).

• Cut basketball referees for annual game that didn't happen last year ($100).

• Cut Carlton Christmas families ($300) and instead will take wish list approach.

• End-of-year show. Planners must present budget to PTO at the November meeting. Jean-Marie will ask.

Tricia to remind teachers they don't have dedicated PTO money; they must think ahead and request.

12. Positions open at end of year

Treasurer and Vice President slots will be up for vote at the end of this school year. Kristi (treasurer) will no longer be at Carlton. Would be wise for her successor to start working with her early next year.





Sep 15, 2013

Minutes 9.13.13

PTO Meeting Sept. 13, 2013 

ATTENDEES: Jean-Marie Kahn (principal), Beth Forrestal (co-president), Tricia Mercier (teacher president), Carla Reid (vice president), Kristi Beaudoin (treasurer), Susanna Baird (secretary), Jenny Abarca, Michelle Bedard, Kate Bouffard (art), Tahani Eaton, September Fortier, Jeff Fox, Randy Greenspan, Bethann Jellison (math), Tricia Mercier, Catherine Nieves, Judith Nunez, Francesca Sparacio, Suleika Villanueva, Teegan von Burn (vice principal)

1. Salem Education Foundation

Carrie Cabot  and Suleika Villanueva presented. 

A. This year, the SEF will have parent and teacher ambassadors at every school. Suleika Villanueva (parent) and Sue Morgenstern (teacher) will serve as Carlton’s ambassadors, sharing information about SEF with the Carlton community and gathering Carlton volunteers for SEF events and fundraisers.

B. Teacher grant applications are open until Oct. 4. SEF is looking for creative grants, things that the district can’t support monetarily. Two types of grants are available: collaborative grants between schools (e.g. Art CAN Make a Difference), up to $3,000, and individual teacher grants that are the beginnings of innovative programs, up to $1,000 to be award to each recipient. The recipients will be chosen in early November; the monies awarded by the end of November.

C. During the month of October the SEF needs help from the PTO selling tickets to the Food for Thought raffle. The winner of the raffle will be announced at the end of the month. Anything we sell over $100, we get to keep. The school who sells the most marches first in next year’s Halloween parade.

2. PTO Secretary

Beth Anne Cornell has stepped down as PTO secretary with two years remaining in her term. PTO approved Susanna Baird finishing out the term (i.e. through the end of the 2014/2015 school year). 

3. Pumpkin Fest 2013

The PTO approved by vote holding the festival on Oct. 17 from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Colette Loux is chairing this year’s festival. Melissa Wilson will procure pumpkins for painting, contact Mayor Driscoll to attend fall festival. She is looking for volunteers and item donations. The list of needed items was circulated at the meeting; Susanna will solicit remaining items and the list via the volunteer list.

4. Planet Protectors

Planet Protectors, an environmental group for E2 students (4-5), will meet twice a month and would like to double their snack budget, from $200 to $400. The PTO approved by vote the increase.

5. Haunted Happenings Parade

Art teacher Kate Bouffard presented information about this year’s Haunted Happenings Halloween Parade, to take place on Thursday, Oct. 3. This year’s parade theme is “Books Come to Life”; Carlton’s theme will be Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Students and parents will wear student-made paper plate hats and colors appropriate to their fruits. Kate estimates cost to remain as planned for in the PTO budget. (CONFIRM KRISTI)

6. The Children of Walter J. Pszenny III Fund

Cheryl Pszenny, mother of three Salem students and president of the Witchcraft Heights Elementary School PTO, passed away on the first day of school from cancer. Her husband died two years ago. The PTO approved by vote donating $50 to a fund to take care of the children.

7. Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Fundraiser

The Otis Spunkmeyer cookie fundraiser, voted on last year, begins on Sept. 24.

8. Walkathon

The PTO approved by vote moving the Walkathon to Sept. 27. Tricia Mercier is in charge.

9. Treasurer’s Report

PTO approved by vote the Treasurer’s Report. Outstanding: $500 to last year’s Carlton scholarship recipients $500. Committed: $450. Our account is down to $350; we need to be cautious with spending. 

10. Subcommittees

Beth Forrestal proposed five subcommittees: Fundraising, Family Events (e.g. Fall Festival), Parent Outreach (e.g. parent coffees), Community Involvement (e.g. cleaning Collins Cove), and Cultural Events (e.g. visiting performers).

Subcommittee heads can convene meetings whenever is convenient for their committees. Only subcommittee heads need to attend PTO, not entire committee. 

Community Involvement: Needs chair. 

Cultural Events: September Fortier, chair. Note, per the PTO bylaws PTO must sponsor at least one cultural assembly per year.

Family Events: Needs chair. To host events every other month beginning in October. October event set, Fall Festival, chaired by Colette Loux. Jean-Marie Kahn noted that Eileen Altman (music teacher) is hoping to host a musical performance in December, and suggested we do something in conjunction with that. April event set, Earth Fest, chaired by Gina Grinarml.

Fundraising: Beth and Kendra LeFleur, co-presidents, will chair. First fundraising effort Otis Spunkmeyer, see #7 above. Also, we will be selling concessions at every event.

Parent Outreach: Needs chair. Coffee and doughnuts with the parents in the lobby. Consider inviting specific parents each time to increase reach.

11. Facebook

We need the community to like us on Facebook. Susanna will post the “Give with Target” fundraising campaign to the Facebook page. If we get 25 votes, Target will give the school $25. For every vote thereafter, we receive $1. 

12. Market Basket

We can pick up forms at info. booth and benefit the school. Susanna will add this information when she compiles “How to help Carlton while shopping” list.

13. Drama club

Reminder: The next three Wednesdays the drama club is holding workshops for anyone interested in a speaking part in the Wizard of Oz. Non-speaking parts and backstage crew don’t need to report.

14. Carlton Attire

Carlton clothing will be for sale soon, first for kids and later for adults. We need a PTO volunteer to be in charge of our “store.”


Susanna Baird: E-mail volunteer list re: fall festival volunteers and items, committee chairs, and PTO/Carlton clothing store. Post “Give with Target” to Carlton School FB page. Compile “how to help Carlton while shopping” list.

Beth Forrestal: Send check to Pszenny Fund

Colette Loux: Organize Pumpkin Fest

Tricia Mercier: Organize Walkathon

Melissa Wilson: Procure pumpkins. Contact Mayor Driscoll re: attending.



Aug 31, 2013

Board Meeting 8.28.13


Thursday, August 28, 2013 7:30 p.m.


Presidents Beth Forrestal and Kendra LeFleur, VP Carla Reid, Treasurer Kristi Beaudoin, Teacher Liaison Tricia Mercier


 1. First Meeting of Year

At final meeting of last year, PTO decided to hold first meeting of this year on 10.2.13. PTO Board decided to meet 9.11.13 to prepare for Meet the Teacher night on 9.12, as well prepare for 10.2.13 meeting.

2. Secretary

Beth Anne Cornell is relinquishing her position as secretary. Per the bylaws, officers can agree upon a secretary to complete the term (in this case, through the end of this school year). Susanna Baird offered to serve; officers approved.

3. Volunteer List

Per the bylaws, the PTO secretary should coordinate volunteers/maintain a volunteer list. Susanna will take over the list/upkeep from Beth Forrestal. Shawna Erps is the volunteer teacher liason. 

4. Subcommittees

Presidents Beth and Kendra proposed four subcommittees: fundraising, cultural/family events, parent outreach, and community involvement. Each subcommittee head will attend PTO meetings, and will organize subcommittee meetings outside regular PTO meetings.

The officers agreed with this concept. Do we need to vote???

5. Fundraising Subcommittee (Co-chairs: Kendra LeFleur and Beth Forrestal)

Possible Fundraisers:

• Otis Spunkmeyer cookie sales. Carla has contact information.

• Cookbooks to be ready by Thanksgiving. Need to send recipe requests/forms out by third week of school.

• Chico bags in conjunction with Earth Day

• Calendar Raffle May

• Research: BJ’s (Carla), Target and other retailers (Susanna), 99 (Tricia) 

6. Cultural/Family Events (Need Chair/s)

Events to be every other month (Oct, Dec, Feb, April, June), to start at 5:30, to include:

• Pumpkin Fest, possible date 10.24.13, Colette Loux (Olivia, K) to head.

• Earth Fest April, Gina Grinarml to head. To combine with yard sale.

• Cookout at Collins Cove June

• Cultural assemblies

• Bike parade

• Hoe-down 

7. Parent Outreach (Need Chair)


• Parent coffees. Consider personally inviting parents from each grade. 

8. Community Outreach (Need Chair)

Events could include:

• Polar Plunge 


Beth: Send Susanna volunteer list, research cookbooks

Beth & Kendra: Contact Otis Spunkmeyer

Carla: Send Beth & Kendra contact information for Otis Spunkmeyer; research BJ’s fundraisers

Susanna: contact Shawna re: volunteer list, research retail fundraisers (e.g. Target Card)

Tricia: research possible 99 fundraisers 

AT NEXT MEETING: Confirm cookbook details. Confirm Meet the Teacher Night information/handouts/sign-ups.