Cast, in order of appearance

Singing Narrator – Autumn Cook

Sebastian – Paige Fox

King Neptune – Lila Nuñez

King Neptune’ s Court: Mack– Darianna Toribio, Pearl – Tyelahmarie Hicks, Flip – Kaylie Cohen, Splash – Arianna Gillette, Flow – Luz Del Alba Disla, Seal – Tanjelah Campbell, Flop – Alexis Cunningham, Octo – Natalya Oscar

Ursula – Brooke Foster 

Aruba – Jimena Pueyo

Flounder – Anna Sokolow

Ariel – Princesa Paredes Linares

Sailors: Captain Slappy – Anthony Ambrozavitch, Peg-Leg P eggy - Suzahna Castiello, Barnacle Barb – Daria Porter, Scurvy Dog – Megan Rose, Billy Bones – Kiara Eveleth, Harry Beard – Brady Barry, Mary O’Malley – Imagin Herrera, Benito Bart – Domenic Bain, One-Eyed Charlie – Lyda Cabot, Stinky Hook – Camden Grinarml

The Duke of Charleston – Alex Reid

Prince Edward– Dominic Sarcione  

Slithery Sirs: Cecil – Isaac LeFleur, Sneak – Kalvin Wilson, Snicker – Jaser Guity

Philippe – Charlotte Meen

Ginger – Lola Cox

Nutmeg – Ava O’Neill

Miss Callaloo – Zoey Porter

Reverend Gumbo – Tanjelah Campbell

Ensemble: Taelyn Babineau, Hera Brickner, Velda Brickner, Evelyn Cabot, Nadia Faticanti, Rosalyn Girard, Samantha Girard, Julia Guzman, Jamie Hawkins, Leona Korriku, Sylvie LeFleur, Olivia Loux, Kate Meen, Cameron Moran, Elizabeth Reid, Lylah Saunders, Aaliyah Taylor, Janice Thompson, Annalise Thornett, Graceann Wilson 

Special appearance by Steve the Chicken

Production Crew

Director: Gina Grinarml

Musical Director: Ilene Altman

Costume Designers: Lily Sarcione and Lorena Hawkins

Set Design and Construction: J LeFleur, Jono Gray, Ed Schutte, Kendra LeFleur

Prop Masters: Tommie Cudmore and Melissa Wilson

Sound and Lighting: Chaundra Miller, Wes Thornett, Lola Cox, Autumn Cook 

Program illustrations: Megan Rose

Thank yous

Mrs. Kahn for allowing us to continue producing plays at Carlton.

Mrs. Mercier and Mrs. Cagney for always being ready to step in and help out with our smallest performers.

 J LeFleur for his creative vision in set building and for roping his bandmates, neighbors and family into help pull it all together.

Lily Sarcione and Lorena Hawkins for organizing costuming and props.

Robin Panzer, and Michelle Castiello for helping during rehearsals.

Mr. Sheridan and Miss White for allowing us to use their classrooms on performance nights.

Ilene Altman for her musical direction and sense of humor.

Gina Grinarml for taking on the director’s role for the 3rd year.

Adele Maestranzi for her beautiful artwork for our posters.

Salem YMCA Afterschool Program for being so flexible with space for the last few months.

Dave Kezar and Jim Newman for cleaning up all the spills and messes.

Mrs. Melin for her exceptional fielding of any and all Drama Club questions. One year we will run smoothly.

Carlton Staff. The annual play is a part of the school now and without the support of the teachers and staff, it simply would not be possible.